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Missions of Byte-Online
Byte-Online, founded in Oct. 1998 in Beijing, serves customers from various industries in China¡¯s mainland as a service provider of comprehensive and effective solutions of database marketing. It is a newly emerged pioneer in China to provide advanced enterprises with managerial solutions of customer relation and implement related services. Enterprise has to reduce costs, increase profits, promote clients¡¯ satisfaction and improve overall operating efficiency for a survival in an environment of fierce competition. Byte-Online will provide customers with full package of value-added services through diversified channels (including Internet, voice service, fax and E-mail) with most advanced technologies and professional experience for the sake of promoting their satisfaction on our services to the most, helping them use customer relation management effectively and granting them advantages in market competition.

Byte-Online has reformed thoroughly traditional methods used by enterprises in developing market and customers. Thanks to its solid infrastructure and high quality services, it can develop and serve your clients more actively. With professional services provided by Byte-Online¡¯s experienced service representatives, your clients will have humanized experience. The loyalty of your clients will grow continually, bringing in more sales opportunities, larger market share and higher conservation rate of clients.
Byte-Online¡¯s Guarantee onService Quality
We have advanced technologies and comprehensive quality control, which indicates a quality guarantee of the highest grade. To enhance our service, we have developed a full set of procedures, which includes formulating Standard Operation Procedures (SOP), establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for our services and supervising Service Diathesis (SSD).
How Can Byte-Online Benefit Enterprises?
Do you know your clients well? Enterprises may obtain competitive edges by striving hard to get more information on each client. Enhancing management on client relations may bring enterprises the following benefits:
Save costs and increase incomes
Raise profits and expand business opportunities
Professional managerial staff of client relation and information equipments to improve efficiency
Enhance client¡¯s loyalty
Deepen knowledge on clients
Win more one-to-one marketing channels
Create more real-time interselling opportunities
Improve products and services based on clients¡¯ feedback
Identify the group of clients that are most profitable and provide them best services
Once you choose Byte-Online, you can implement immediately the best solution of database marketing, which can maximize your commercial profits.
Services Offered by Byte-Online
Having served clients from diversified industries in China¡¯s mainland including the industry of telecommunication, network, E-commerce, financing, banking, insurance, electrical consumption products, highly-circulated consumables and governmental bodies, we are confidence in completing successfully the design and development of a unique solution customized for any enterprise. Our services of a great variety are set as below:
Our Services
Marketing by phone
Exploration of sales opportunities/clues
Interselling and upgraded selling
Targeted promotion plan
Arrangement of business visit
Market promotion
Market research and investigation
Evaluation of advertisement¡¯s results
Response hotlines of TV shopping
Analysis on consumers¡¯ behaviors and investigation on their opinions
Tracking of direct-selling mails
Invitation, reminding and tracking related to enterprise¡¯s conferences and activities

Services of Database Management
Rent of database
Confirmation and classification of data
Input of data
Storage and analysis of data
Establishment of database of clients
In Services
Customer services
Consulting services by hotline
Supporting hotline of promotion activities
Settlement and conciliation of complaints
Hotline support of before/after sale service
Dealing and management of market¡¯s response
Special customer service line for certain period, off-work period or 24 hours
Other Services
Output of staff and lease of physical seats
Marketing services like E-Mail, fax based on network, direct-selling advertisement and short message service etc.
Clients of Byte-Online

Since it started its business in 1998, Byte-Online has grown rapidly into an industrial pioneer. We can provide professional database marketing services of high quality and our services are highly recognized by our clients. The list below shows some of our clients and service cases, which proves that our service of management on client relation, being carefully designed and developed, is adaptable to different industries and environment.

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